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Organizing Jewelry Making Supplies

12/27/2019 | Lynn Lilly

End of the year organizing:

Organizing can be a pain, but it’s also refreshing to start a new year with things in place. When Kymona started metal stamping a few years ago, she said her supplies were all over the place-in drawers, baskets, handmade pouches- everywhere. It was getting on her nerves! She decided for the new year, all of her jewelry making supplies needed to be in one handy place so she can create without looking in a million different spots.
The stackable caddy organizer and caddy storage tray was her first choice in organizing. The caddy has multiple units that can be conveniently stacked and locked using the lift and lock feature. Each compartment can be taken out of the frame and used independently. It has three different compartment sizes including small, medium and large. Since jewelry supplies come in different sizes, this feature is excellent for holding tools, jewelry pieces, and accessories separately.  
The caddy storage tray fits neatly inside the large storage container. It has ten medium compartments and one large compartment. All the small jewelry pieces fit neatly in these compartments.

The Stackable Caddy Organizer is great for on-the-go storage.
Read Kymona’s full post here.
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