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Easter Egg Bouquet for Kids

3/26/2020 | Lynn Lilly


Keeping the kids busy with this cute Easter Egg Bouquet Craft 
from Design Team Member Erin Reed. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Pipe Cleaners 
  • Deflecto Tilt Bins  (to keep your supplies organized)
  • Small Mason Jar
  • Etching Crème 
  • Alcohol-Based Markers 
  • Pull the pipe cleaner (or chenille stem) through the openings of the egg bottom and twist. For more fun, add non-heavy items in the eggs. Place the second half on the egg.
  • Use several different colors of eggs to make the bouquet. Tip: You can also use different color stems.
  • Gather all the stems together for fun Spring Easter Egg Bouquet.
To make the Vase:
  • Use etching crème to etch the outside of the mason jar.  
  • The etching crème roughs up the jar allowing the alcohol marker design to stick to the jar and not rub off.
  • Create designs on the jar using alcohol-based markers (watercolor markers will rub off.)
Drop a few chocolates to the bottom of the vase and add the Easter Egg Bouquet.  
For more details on Erin’s project, you can read the full post here.
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