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Scrapbooking a Day in the Park

3/13/2020 | Lynn Lilly

When you have lofty scrapbooking goals like Design Team member Anita Scroggins.
Keeping your page supplies organized is important.  Anita is working on scrapbooking her trip 
to Disney with her family from 2018.  She is up to day 6.  (pretty impressive)
This is what Anita says about working on her Disney album.

“When I am working on an album it drives me crazy to have to dig through my embellishments to find what I am looking for. Enter the amazing Deflecto Stackable Cube Organizer. By removing the drawers and turning it up on the end it becomes a great way to store all my stuff within reach. It keeps everything in place and I can flip through the my pieces to grab the perfect embellishment.”

For more details on Anita’s project you can read the full post here.

Create Store, Create More or #Cr8StoreCr8More for storage

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