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10 Tips for Getting Organized for Spring Gardening

4/15/2020 | Lynn Lilly

Spring is in bloom and with all this extra time at home, now is the perfect time to get organized and get your yard and garden ready for outdoor fun. In addition to starting your yard work, I have a few other ideas to prepare your lawn and garden for Spring and Summer.

  1. Get Organized:  The Deflecto Stackable Caddy is a great resource to organize all your small gardening essentials like gloves, hand shovels, twine, scissors, clippers, seeds, and more.  It is lightweight so you can move it around the yard with you.  With the clear storage containers, there’s no more digging through boxes and drawers to find those essential tools.

  3. Survey Your Yard & Make a List:  Take a walk around your yard, porch, and outdoor spaces to see what survived the winter and what needs a little help.  As you walk around create a list of areas you need to work on or things you want to change.

  5. Do your Research:  As you survey your yard note, which areas have direct sunlight, partial sunlight, and shade.  Spend time researching which plants and flowers will thrive in those environments.

  7. Create an Inspiration Board:  Cut pictures from magazines, save images from Pinterest or take photos of friends and neighbors lawn and garden designs that you love.  By pulling together all of your favorite images, it is easy to pull together a common theme and create a design plan.

  9. Start with Containers:  Container gardening is an approachable way to kick off your spring planting.  Reuse planters from last year by giving them a makeover with a little paint.

  11. Set Your Priorities:  We can’t do everything at once.  Once you create a list of everything that needs to be done and things you want to change make a priority list.  Split that list into NEEDS and WANTS.  This will make it more obtainable and less intimidating.

  13. Be Prepared:  Spring weather can be a little crazy.  One day is hot and the next night temperatures are freezing.  Be prepared with materials to help protect your new plants from freezing temperatures.  Have a pile of old towels and sheets that you can use to quickly cover plants and flowers when temperatures dip.  Do not use plastic tarps.  Plastic can increase the cold and damage the plant buds it touches.

  15. Do the Prep Work:  Make sure your garden beds are ready for you to work.  Start by removing old leaves, weeds, and clearing the areas around perennials.

  17. Time to Trim:  Spring is the time to trim and prune back any summer-blooming trees or bushes.  It is best to prune before any buds breakthrough.

  19. Start your Vegetable Garden:  If you have been thinking about starting a vegetable garden, now is the time.  Cool-season vegetables like potatoes, lettuce, carrots, and other leafy greens are best to get in the ground while the soil is still cool.  Composting at home is also a great way to nourish your veggies. 

    We hope you are enjoying your time at home and we are excited to see your garden grow! Share your home gardening and organization projects with using #DeflectoAtHome

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