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Craft Room Organization Tips and Tricks

7/27/2020 | Lynn Lilly
Eliminate the clutter! 

See how Lynn Lilly at Craft Box Girls organizes her craft room. 

I love crafting, but one thing I don’t love about crafting is the mess.

At the end of most days, my craft room tends to look more like my toddler created a massive tornado than a space for my creative energy and design. That’s why the Deflecto craft room storage organizers are essential for allowing me to focus on creating new, fun projects instead of spending my very limited time searching for a glue stick.
As a busy, crafting mom-on-the-go, I couldn’t ask for anything better! That’s why I’ve gathered some practical tips and tricks to make the most out of your craft room with Deflecto organizers so you can get back to what you love most: making beautiful projects!


Featured Storage Containers:

1.Tilt and Snap! (Tilt Bin® Interlocking Storage Organizer):


Everything from my daughter’s craft supplies to my personal art essentials fits seamlessly into the Tilt Bin® Interlocking Storage Organizers. I love how these bins conveniently tilt down so I can easily grab what I need without having to dig through drawers. It’s a perfect tilt and snap! The lift and lock feature makes it super simple to stack and store for more storage space. And the secure hanging holes on the back is perfect for securing it to my pegboard wall without worrying about it falling all over the floor. For your craft room, think about how you can easily access your craft supplies without having to dig to find what you need. I highly recommend the Tilt Bin Interlocking storage organizer for the job!

2. Use Vertical Space (Interlocking Stacking Organizer):


My craft room is so tiny! While I may not have the large craft room of my dreams yet, I can utilize the vertical space with the Interlocking Stacking Organizer. I store small items in the clear containers by simply twisting the top for quick, easy access. Use your imagination to find ways you can use the often unused vertical space for more storage options.

  1. Reach for What You Need (Rotating Carousel Organizer): 
My daughter’s little arms have trouble reaching for her craft supplies. That’s why she loves the turn-table feature on the Rotating Carousel Organizer to reach for what she wants. The clear, removable containers make it easy to find supplies, customize it to fit her needs, and stay organized with little effort on her part (win-win for mom!) 

  1. Beautifully Display Supplies (Three-Drawer Organizer):
Washi tape is my secret obsession.  I love how my bright, colorful patterned washi tape is so beautifully displayed in the Three-Drawer Organizer. I can easily grab exactly which tape I need for a project without having to search in a bucket.

  1. Add and Subtract (Interlocking Marker Organizer):
More crafts call for more storage! That’s why I love the Interlocking Marker Organizer- you can easily add on or take off to fit your crafting needs. The silicon grid keeps my markers separated and organized so I can find the color I need right away. If you need more storage, find storage solutions that let you easily add or subtract to fit your needs!


  1. Craft on the Go (Expandable Marker Accordion)
My daughter loves to color! The Expandable Marker Accordion helps keep all her markers together and upright for her to find her favorite color right away. The best part about this organizer is that it unfolds seamlessly for a pretty display on a desk, and then folds up and carefully locks for travel.


  1. Use Clear Containers (Stackable Caddy Organizer with 3 Containers)
I am a visual crafter. I need to see what I have to know what I can make. With the Stackable Caddy Organizer with 3 containers, a small, medium, and large. I can see exactly what supplies I have and how much without having to open every top or open every drawer. Use clear containers to maximize your crafting organization for efficient storage. 

  1. Display Within Reach (Ribbon Dispenser)
For me, ribbon is the most difficult craft item to keep organized. The Deflecto ribbon dispenser is a game-changer. I love how it beautifully displays all my pretty ribbons and makes it easy to grab without having to remove all the ribbons to access the specific one I need. Best part? It fits perfectly into the Stackable Caddy Organizer container – a need for any ribbon-crafting enthusiast. 

  1.  Find Multi-Purpose Storage Solutions (Stackable Cube Organizer with 4-Drawer Organizer and X-Divider)
I like customizable products. I want to feel like the product fits into my space and needs, not the other way around. Get more bang for your buck by choosing storage solutions that can be customized and re-purposed for other storage options. The Stackable Cube Organizer is perfect for this exact reason. Want small drawers for storing smaller items? Simply slide the 4-drawer organizer into the stackable cubes. Need a multi-purpose X-Divider to store different styles of pens? Attach the x-divider into the notches. The possibilities are endless!


Keeping your craft room neat and organized doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Let me know which of these tips you used to maintain order so you can keep on crafting!

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