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Home Kitchen Pantry Organization

2/08/2021 | Lynn Lilly

 Cleaning your pantry can be overwhelming, but we have you covered! Check out these simple steps to help get your pantry organized in no time. 

Empty Your Entire Pantry

Starting out with a clean slate can be very refreshing. Throw out expired foods or items that are not used frequently.

Categorize Like Items

Putting like items together will help you be able to find things quickly. Categorizing and subdividing will help maximize your efficiency. 

Use Clear Containers

Using clear containers is visually appealing by having an inspiring uniform tidiness. The Interlocking Stacking Organizer is perfect for pasta. The Stackable Cube Organizer can help keep your space clutter-free by storing small snacks or baking supplies. 

Kid-Friendly Space

Have an easy to reach area just for the kiddos. They can easily grab the snacks they want. A huge bonus is they won’t have to ask you every time to get it. 

Utilize Every Space

Use a can rack organizer for canned drinks or canned foods. Shelf risers or spice racks help you see smaller jars and items. The door and wall can also be utilized with the Wall Mounting Bar paired with the Stackable Caddy Organizer or Tilt Bin Interlocking Storage Organizer would be perfect for small packets and snack packs. 


Label all of your containers and storage bins. Using a label maker or sticker paper will make finding food and ingredients pleasant and easy.

Use Decorative Baskets & Bins

Decorative baskets or bins are perfect storage solutions for reusable bags, plastic wrap, or other kitchen necessities. It is a great way to hide storage bags that are hard to keep tidy. Use the Antimicrobial Jumbo Magainze File to hold all of these items and save space in your cabinets! Tip: Use sturdy boxes and dress them up in some wrapping paper, leftover wallpaper, or contact paper.

Family Help

Have everyone in the family keep up the good work. Show them where everything goes and take turns on maintaining it twice a month!

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