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Plan your Child’s Day

4/15/2021 | Lynn Lilly

Now that many of us are learning from home, I’ve realized that the best way to make this situation work for us is to create a routine structure. Deflecto Antimicrobial Kids Storage products are perfect for setting-up your learning center for success by keeping you organized. By incorporating learning, creativity, and play, you can plan a structured day for your child that works for you both. Here are some tips to help you plan your child’s day.

Morning Time: (Learning)

  1. After a healthy breakfast, my daughter is energized, happy, and very busy. If your little one needs something to do to keep their little hands out of trouble, start the day off with some structured learning time. Since my daughter is a visual learner, I used decorative tape to divide The Finger Paint Tray into three separate parts for visual math. Not only does this idea turn math into a game in order to keep her busy, but it also keeps the playroom organized.

Late Morning (Creativity)

  1. Once my daughter’s attention span with math games is slowing down, I quickly move to a new, more creative activity: clay animal play! I love how Round Storage Tray is able to hold all the animals and model clay for a simple, mess-free solution for keeping little ones busy. Not only does this activity promote fine motor skills, but also promotes imagination and play. Bonus tip: ask your child what sounds each animal makes!

Lunch Time (Meal)

  1. Time for a lunch break! Set up your little one with the Lap Tray. There are plenty of pockets to hold juice and snacks as well. Take this time to spend some quality time with.

Early Afternoon (Play)

  1. After lunch, it’s playtime! Using the Finger Paint Tray I created a no-mess paint station for my daughter to paint lovely pictures. Ask your child if they can paint you a picture of a tree. By asking for a specific object, you will be able to test their ability to follow directions.

Late Afternoon (Meal)

  1. Around 3:00, my daughter has an afternoon snack to re-energize and hold her over for dinner. I like to place healthy snack bars on the Lap Tray because it is easily accessible for her small hands.

Now you’ve got a jumping point for scheduling your child’s structured day. Think about how you can incorporate learning, creativity, and play into your daily routine with the Deflecto Antimicrobial Kids Storage.

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