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My Craft Tools are in Carousels!

4/25/2017 | Lynn Lilly
Hello, crafty friends! Martha Lucia here to share with you how I am organizing my craft room, especially the paint area and the different bottles that I use for my crafts. Deflecto Craft has two different designs of rotating carousels. Basically, they have the same structure – the only difference is that one comes with tall compartments or bins and the other is a combination of sizes, small and tall compartments or bins. Both have the same design, so it is really easy to interchange or pile.
This is my first Deflecto Carousel Rotating 9 Bin. I use it for keep all my paints and pigments. It comes with 9 compartments or bins that you can use easily. All have the white lid and the box is totally clear. For me the transparency is the best, because since I have memory problems, I can see easily what I have in each container and I don’t have to worry about remembering where I put something special. The size of the bins is another plus, because if you put small things inside of the big bins, just like the paints that I use, you can put your hand inside of the bin and move easily.
The second Deflecto Carousel Rotating  6 Bin has all the compartments tall. I use this one to store all the bottles I use in my crafts. I separate the bins by categories – I have stamp cleaners, mediums, shimmers and textures, snails and adhesives and as you can see from the photo below it can storage bottles or things with different sizes, because the size of each box is 6″ by 4-1/2″ with a triangle design. Normally I stack them vertically in my desk but these carousels are created to use individually.
 I hope this organization tip inspires you to also use the Deflecto Carousels Rotating in your craft room or in any activity that you do. They are very useful, and you can store unlimited things. Just use your imagination.
Enjoy and  See you soon!

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