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The Most Amazing Marker Storage Ever

4/20/2017 | Lynn Lilly
Y’all,, it’s Anita from The Flamingo Chronicals, and I am so excited about the new Interlocking Marker Organizer. It is the most amazing marker storage ever – really. You are going to love it. These will hold every single brand of marker I own. Every-Single-One! The big bonus is they fit right into the Stackable Caddy. Yes, they sure do! They can be used on your desk top in any number of configurations thanks to the dovetail design that allows you to connect them, or pop them into your Stackable Caddy Organizer and hit the road.
You know I love the Stackable Caddy, right? Now I love them even more. The Interlocking Marker Organizer units replace the storage containers that come with the Stackable Caddy. You can trade out one or all of the containers and replace them with markers. You love it, don’t you! It is so easy to grab my caddies and head out to crop.
So, I’ve got some big, fat, markers. The Faber-Castell® PITT artist pens are pretty much the big boys of the art marker world. They are chunky little fellows! They fit right into the slots in the marker organizer. The secret is the flexible material that forms the grid inside the unit. It allows greater flexibility for storing more than one size of marker.
I searched for years for something to store my Tombow® markers in, but they just did not fit into any of the storage options that were on the market. They fit beautifully into the Interlocking Marker Organizer! I ended up putting two markers per slot because they stayed more upright (and looked less messy) this way. Double storage!!
Remember, your options are flexible to meet your needs. Here I used 3 Interlocking Marker Organizer units and the small and medium Organizer Container that came with my Stackable Caddy.
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