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5 Ways To Get Organize With The Stack ‘N Store Caddie

1/03/2018 | Lynn Lilly

When it comes to organizing, Deflect has some of the best products on the market! My favorite is the Stack ‘N Store caddie because it has so many functional uses for organizing around the house. I am sharing 5 ways to get organized with the Stack ‘N Store caddie!

Office Supplies

Use your Stack ‘N Store caddie for keeping your office supplies organized! Use the single containers to hold Washi tape, paper clips, binder rings, etc.!

Add the pen holder to keep all your favorite pens sorted and organized!!

Use the large container to hold all your stationery. Or break it up and use the medium for stationary and add a small container to hold stamps, labels, and other stationary items.

Doll Clothes

Did your kiddo get a baby doll for the holidays??  All those accessories can really take a toll on storage, which is why the Stack ‘N Store is a great option for holding all the supplies!

Use the different containers to hold clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it! Add the wheels, and it is the perfect storage option for any location within your home.


Are the Legos taking over your house? Try organizing them in the Stack ‘N Store caddie! Have the kids help by sorting by color. Add colored paper to the top of the container, similar to this post on kids’ art supplies.

Store manuals in the large container, while the smaller containers can hold different colored Legos, people, and other Lego pieces.

Add the wheels to create a moveable Lego station.


Did you know that the Stack ‘N Store caddie can make a wonderful organizer for tools?? Especially for holding nails, screws, and other parts.

Sort the nails and screws and hangers into different containers. Record what is in each one by writing on the container using Sharpie oil-based pens. They are great and can easily be removed by using nail polish remover and a little elbow grease.

Kids’ Art Supplies

Keep kids’ art supplies organized by storing them in the Stack ‘N Store caddie. Add decorative labels to the top so the kids can find what they are looking for.

Use larger containers to hold markers and crayons, while the smaller containers can hold stamps and stamp pads!

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