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Organizing Is Also Part Of My Hobby

1/12/2018 | Lynn Lilly

If I am not crafting I am organizing my craft supplies and believe me, I enjoy it as much.  Although organizing is an all year process, for some reason the beginning of the new year its always more motivating to do it.

I have taken lots of photos to share with you on how Deflecto products help me stay organized.

First, I like to display positive inspiration every so often. I need it as a constant reminder of the great things in the world. The Deflecto frame if perfect to interchange slides of positive quotes. So I keep it like this close to my desk.

8 1/2″x11″  – Black Craft Frame. See here: Craft Frame

On my desk I also keep the Deflecto Marker Organizer. It helps me keep my tools, markers and other useful items at arm’s reach.

Next, also at my desk I use the Stackable Cube Organizer “X” Divider and Stackable Cube Organizer Open to help me store my markers. I can take out easily and put back in place. I will soon invest in more of these cubes to store my complete collection of markers with the cubes.

On the opposite side I also keep more cubes for my color pencils and more markers.
Next to my markers I also have the Deflecto Stackable Cube Organizer 2 Drawer
It fits perfectly on my desk holding many of my daily used items.
Another great item I use to organize my many metal dies is the Craft-Magnetic-Sheets. I love that they come 10 in a pack, plenty for our big collection of dies right?
I easily cut them to size and then organize my dies by brand and put in 
wood boxes as seen on the pic below.

Without a doubt the Stackable Caddy Organizer has been one of my all time favs. It can hold so much and best of all I can trasport it anywhere I want. All you have to do is attach the Deflecto Wheel Base and it moves freely. You can also add as many caddies as you wish.

And last but not least, I have the Craft Tilt Bin. It has amazing features, you can:
  • Mix and match to create your ideal storage system
  • Interlocking, dovetail design allows you to stack and connect units together to form a custom modular system
  • Clear bins tilt out effortlessly and stay open while in use; remove easily for cleaning and refilling
  • Great for craft and scrapbooking storage, sewing supplies, and more.  
  • Can be wall mounted or used on tabletop

As you can see Deflecto has many organizing options. I am sure you will find one that fits your needs.

The products I have used here you can find at:, Target, and Hobby Lobby. I have no doubt they will make your crafty life easier and funner. You can always contact me for any additional questions. 

So till next time…. I leave you with the “Big Picture” of my Crafty Organized Corner.

Best Wishes for 2018!

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