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Organizing A Small Bathroom With Rotating Carousel

2/13/2018 | Lynn Lilly

When you have a small bathroom, you need to utilize the most of every square inch of your space. By using the rotating carousel with 9 bins, I got our kids’ bathroom organized with plenty of space left for other bathroom necessities.
·      Deflecto Rotating Carousel with 9 bins
·      Colored Card Stock
·      Banner Die Cut and Die Cutter
·      Xyron 1.5” Sticker Maker
·      Fine Tip Marker
1.     Start by sorting all the hair ties by colors. For my daughter, she has them in every color. I used the small bins to store the different colored hair ties so she can find them to match her outfit for the day.
2.     Use the large bins to store Q-Tips, lotions, band aids, brushes, or any other item that takes up space on the counter.
3.     Each bin will get a label using the banner die cut. I used rainbow colors for the hair ties. Cut out each color of hair tie with the matching color card stock. For the large bins, use white or decorative paper.
4.     Run each banner die cut-out through the Xyron sticker maker.
5.     Adhere each banner to the coordinating bin.
6.     Write what is on each bin label banner.
7.     Set on counter or under sink and enjoy being organized!!
By using the rotating carousel either on the counter or under the sink, you are gaining much more space as the smaller bins stack and the larger bins hold a lot of supplies! Plus, it’s always fun to spin.

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