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Marker Storage Solutions

10/08/2019 | Lynn Lilly
Happy National Craft Week!
Saturday was National Card Making Day and now we have National Craft Week? Be still my crafty little heart. (Seriously, I thought every week was craft week.) Since we’re talking all things “crafty” this week, I’d like to ask you a personal question.
How do you store your markers?
When it comes to markers, we all have our opinions and preference on which are our favorite. Lately, I’ve been curious about how everyone stores their markers and what works best for you. I started rubber stamping in the mid-’90s and slowly built up a nice collection of Art Markers. Personally, I have been using Tombow Markers for over 20 years and some markers in my collection are almost as old.   


Up until recently, my marker storage system was just about as old as my collection. A wobbly little holder (with a slight lean) and an extra basket for the overflow. It worked, but it wasn’t quite as efficient as I wanted it to be.


Recently, I started doing a lot more cardmaking and using my markers again.


That’s when I started using the Expandable Marker Accordion* from Deflecto. It is the ultimate in marker storage and portability! It has 80 slots that hold markers, but because my Tombow and Marvy markers are skinnier than Copic markers, I can easily put two markers in each slot.


The Expandable Marker Accordion comes with a clear lid that easily snaps in place and a handle that makes it easy to take your markers with you to classes and crops, keeping everything secure.

Depending on your workspace, you can use it in a straight line, a U shape, as a cube or in my favorite, a zig-zag pattern. Whatever combination works best for you and the project that you’re working on.


Let’s talk another option.


Maybe you’re just starting out your marker collection or you need a little more flexibility with your marker storage, you might like Deflecto’s Interlocking Marker OrganizerThis little marker holder can be used solo or because it has an interlocking design it can be connected to additional units, making it perfect whether you use it upright or horizontal.


And the best part, the Interlocking Marker Organizer also fits into the Stackable Caddy Organizer. You can fit six marker organizers into the Stackable Caddy for the Ultimate Grab and Go. So many great options to fit your crafting style.

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