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Coloring Fun for Everyone

2/21/2020 | Lynn Lilly

Looking for an activity that everyone can enjoy? Something easy and fun that doesn’t create a lot of mess? Design team member, Erin Reed, shows us a craft that she likes to do with her family.

Coloring on Acrylic with Permanent or Alcohol Based Markers.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blank or Preprinted Acrylic Shapes
  • Colored Permanent Markers or Alcohol Based Markers
  • Container to hold Markers (we recommend the Interlocking Storage Organizer)
  1. If using blank acrylic shapes, draw a picture or design on the acrylic using a black permanent marker.
  2. Color in the designs with the markers. The markers dry quickly to eliminate mess.
  3. Get the family involved to color along!

When not working on individual projects with her family, Erin stores her markers in the Stackable Cube Organizer. Can we talk about marker envy?

For more details on Erin’s project, you can read the full post here.

Create Store, Create More or #Cr8StoreCr8More for storage

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