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An Organizing Solution for the Junk Drawer

We all hate the dreaded junk drawer, but most of us have them. Junk drawers are the family dumping ground for anything you don’t know what to do with. They hold things like pet toys, rubber bands, and other miscellaneous items. The worst part you can never find what you are looking for!    Do you have a junk drawer that needs organizing?   Design team member, Nadine Carlier had one of those drawers and decided to do something about it. She used Deflecto’s Carousel Rotating Organizer as the perfect solution for cleaning out her junk drawer. Since the carousel rotates, she moved it into the

Bead Organizer For Kids

I work with a lot of clients as a professional organizer. One thing that always is a struggle is organizing beads for necklaces, bracelets, and other art activities. The cases for the beads is never optimal for functional storage. Plus, when little fingers get a hold of those beads, it could easily be a disaster! So I created a bead-making station for a client using the Carousel Rotating Organizer with 6 bins!    Bead Organizer For Kids Materials  Carousel Rotating Organizer with 6 Bins Decorative Washi Tape Sharpie Oil-Based Pen Beads Tutorial Step 1: Adhere decorative Washi tape around each

Carousel Pumpkin Decor with Deflecto

November is upon us! The month to celebrate our many blessings with friends and family. Deflecto provides us with many products to help us with our celebrations and feasts. I used a Rotating Carousel Organizer to make a useful piece of decor to celebrate the season. Read on and I will show you how! You will need: Deflecto: Rotating Carousel Organizer #3900CR 6 canisters Spray Paint: Krylon Fusion for Plastic, Orange Cinnamon Sticks Cardstock: Green, Orange, Dk. Yellow Inkpads: Orange, Green, Brown Wedge Sponges Raffia Craft Glue Scissors Die cut machine for cutting leaves Instructions: 1. Follow the instructions given

Carousel Storage For Every Season!

Deflecto has so many storage options for containing and storing a huge variety of supplies!  I have used my carousels for many different things.  This one I decorated for the space I am placing it in.  I love that I have so many options with all of the beautiful memory papers and embellishments that are available.  Read on and I will show you how I did it! You will need: Deflecto:  9-Bin Rotating Carousel Organizer, #3901CR cardstock:  12″ coordinating colors and prints, 6  wood:  1-1/4″ ball knobs; 6; dowels or chopsticks to use as a handle for painting acrylic paint:  six

Craft Room Organization Tips and Tricks

I love crafting, but one thing I don't love about crafting is the mess. At the end of most days, my craft room tends to look more like my toddler created a massive tornado than a space for my creative energy and design. That’s why the Deflecto craft room storage organizers are essential for allowing me to focus on creating new, fun projects instead of spending my very limited time searching for a glue stick.

Craft Room Organization Tips and Tricks

Eliminate the clutter!  See how Lynn Lilly at Craft Box Girls organizes her craft room.  I love crafting, but one thing I don’t love about crafting is the mess. At the end of most days, my craft room tends to look more like my toddler created a massive tornado than a space for my creative energy and design. That’s why the Deflecto craft room storage organizers are essential for allowing me to focus on creating new, fun projects instead of spending my very limited time searching for a glue stick. As a busy, crafting mom-on-the-go, I couldn’t ask for anything

Craft Room Redo with Deflecto

Hello, friends! Larissa here with you today and I am finally ready to show you my room redo. I didn’t think I would ever finish and honestly, I don’t think I am yet. Everything from my room is being stored in my living room since we use our den more. And I have been going through things trying to weed out. I am finding stuff I forgot to save room for. We are currently working on my supply room so hopefully I will find more room in there. Fingers crossed anyway. Here is my video showing you my room. As

Creativation 2018 Make n’ Take – Flower Bin

Creativation 2018 Make n’ Take Project Flower Bin by Anita Scroggins Deflecto products used: Rotating Carousel Organizer VersaGrip Sign Holders

Deflecto Designer Spotlight for April 2016

Every month the team at Deflecto Crafts chooses several designers to honor for their design or designs using Deflecto products. This April 2016 we are showcasing the following blog posts featuring the designs of these team members.Check out each blog listed below to see their designs! Erin Reed:  Stacking Carousel Lorrie McCullers:  Shabby Chic decorated Pencil Holder Monica Taylor:  Storage Sue Eldred:  Storage & Caddy Video Marilyn Gossett:   5-drawer tilt bin Wedding Candy Bin This design will be posted with instructions in May. 

Double Stacked Rotating Organizer w/video Tutorial

I am in organizing mode, and today I am tackling some textures and trims I got a couple of years ago at a CKC convention that has been tucked away in a drawer and forgot about. They are starting to fray and get messy, so time to get to work!!  The 9 bin Carousel Rotating Organizer worked perfect and it also comes as a 6 bin. Here is a detailed video on how I organized it all!! Some up close shots. This is the organizer I used, just stacked two high. This is where I keep my organizer for easy access!!

Easter Carousel Basket

Hi, crafters! Monica here and did you know you can turn your Carousel Organizer Carousel 6 Bin into a convenient Easter Bunny Basket?  1. To make your bunny ears simply take some pipe cleaners in pink and white and fold them over like bunny ears. (I would have used loopy chenille, but Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays)    2. Take a wooden dowel or skewer and poke it through the center styrofoam piece that comes with your brand new organizer. This will be used to hold those bunny ears in place. Cover the stick with the pipe cleaners.   Tada instant bunny

Flower Cupcake Topper

  Celebrate the everyday moments with these cute Doodle Flower Cupcake Toppers  from Design Team Member Beth Watson.    Festive for a crafty birthday, a Summer picnic, or even a Tuesday afternoon!     Featured Storage:  Deflecto Rotating Carousel Organizer   Materials Needed: Heavyweight Cardstock Markers or Colored Pencils Scissors Flat Wooden Picks Adhesive 1/8″ Assorted Green Ribbon Sprinkles   Directions:   Doodle your flower design onto heavyweight cardstock. Color in your design with markers or colored pencils. Cut around the image with scissors. Adhere the design onto the end of the wooden pick. For some added texture (and fun),

Get Organized with The Carousel Rotating Organizer

It is no secret that crafting can be a little messy! Lynn Lilly from Craft Box Girls shares a great way to get your craft craziness organized using our Carousel Rotating Organizer. Watch the video below to see her creative ways to get organized. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for more inspiration!

Guest Room Closet Make-Over.

The closet in my Guest Room has been abused and neglected for years.  I’m blaming the kids, but truth be told, I may have had a small part in it myself. Because I’m always needing more storage for my ever expanding crafting supplies, I decided to take over the closet for myself. After clearing everything out, I purchased a large cubby/bookcase from Ikea and treated myself to some nice fabric bins from Target. To help keep me organized… I labeled each bin using Small Flexible Pouches and hung them on the bins with Pear Clips. Everything’s neatly contained and it looks

How to Use Deflecto’s Rotating Carousel Organizer to Store Jewelry

Hello everyone!! Kymona from Kreative Kymona, here to show you how to use Deflecto’s Rotating Carousel Organizer to store Jewelry! I started creating jewelry and found myself with a dilemma when it came to storing my supplies.  So when I saw the Rotating Carousel Organizer a light bulb went off! Check out Deflecto’s Rotating Carousel Organizer: Deflecto’s Rotating Carousel Organizer comes in two different sizes.  The one that I’m using is the 6 bin but they also have a 9 bin carousel as well.  I love that all of Deflecto’s organizers are clear and match. 1. You can see all of the supplies

Keeping Organized With A Little Chalky Paint

Hello All! Jennifer Davey of be still my crafting heart here. I had fun playing with paint this month trying to find the right paint to put on the beautiful clear bins. After trying chalky paint, it laid down so nice I had to share my tips and tricks. What a fun way to keep your organization personal. Come on over and get the full tutorial on adding chalky paint labels to your Deflecto Carousel Rotating Organizer 9 Bin (Item Number: 3901CR). Deflecto products are available through local art, craft, and educational stores, in addition to several online retailers such as

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