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How to Choose a Chair Mat

Choosing the right chair mat for a customer’s space is critical to the longevity of the chair mat, the warranty that is offered, and customer happiness. Floor type, usage, and load all play an important role in choosing the right chair mat. This short video quickly introduces you to the basics.

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Chair Mat

Sit-stand desks offer a variety of options and configurations for users looking for the added health benefits of reducing the amount of time spent sitting. But traditional floor mats don’t offer the same type of versatility. Anti-fatigue mats are great to use when standing, but the soft surface is a poor surface for office chairs or stools. Vinyl and polycarbonate mats provide a solid foundation and a smooth rolling surface for chairs, but don’t help cushion a user’s feet when standing. Deflecto’s Ergonomic Sit Stand(TM) Chairmat provides the best of both worlds.

How to Unroll a Chair Mat

For chair mats that ship rolled, the process to unroll a mat is a simple one. The PDF is linked with the header and this video gives you a basic tutorial to share.

Deflecto Warranty Forms

Premium Glass Chair Mat Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Sit-Stand Chair Mat Product Replacement Warranty

Chair Mat Limited One (1) Year Replacement Warranty

Chair Mat Limited Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty

Anti-Fatigue Mat Limited Five (5) Year Replacement Warranty